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Quality Assurance

Although 100% customer satisfaction is an ambitious goal, Rizheng strives to manufacture high quality products at affordable prices for its customers.

1. Items from our website are manufactured using environmentally-friendly methods from quality materials.

2. All items sold by Rizheng undergo strict inspection and quality control.

3. Any items with manufacturing defects or not meeting our high standards of quality will be promptly replaced.

4. All orders have quantity verified twice and quality carefully inspected prior to shipment.

5. Quality control is strictly maintained for both regular products and promotional items.  Items which are being clearanced due to imperfections will have clearly stated disclosure of such defects.

6. The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue items, vary specifications, or change designs at any time without prior notice.

7. All items will be shipped in secure packaging.

8. All of those items on our website mustn’t be sold to the exclusive country or area where we have the sole agent;

9. Some custom and exclusive products may be restricted and cannot be sold to customers residing in certain areas.

10. Any concerns from our customers will be fully addressed and we guarantee a reasonable solution will be offered.

11. Rizheng reserves the right to make a final interpretation of any of the statements on this page.