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Terms of shipment

1. Depending on the destination country we offer delivery services through multiple shipping companies, such as China Post, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, FedEx, and other express delivery services.  Each company offers different estimated transport time and cost, and you may select the company of your choice.

2. The transportation charge showed on our website refers to ordinary International Express (not Special Express delivery), and includes fuel surcharges and handling charges.  There may be additional undisclosed charges such as a remote area service charge or customs clearance fees and duties.

3. Shipping times normally take about 3-7 working days for goods to be delivered to the customer's door (except Surface Air Lifted or Surface Mail of China Post).  Delays may occur due to customs inspections or other unforeseen circumstances.

4. In case of unexpected loss of shipment, we will re-ship the goods if you have paid for insurance.  If insurance was not purchased, you will be compensated for three times your shipping cost, up to $100 USD, in accordance to the compensation policies of the shipping company.

5. Certain delivery failures which are beyond the control of Rizheng, such as natural disasters, warfare, or transportation disasters, are not eligible for compensation.

6. If your delivery address is not in the service area of the shipping company you choose, you will need to pay a remote area service charge. In this case, please do not click "Go To Paypal" to make an immediate payment.  Instead choose "Wait for invoice".  We will recalculate the shipping cost and send you an invoice for your payment. Please click the link below to check if your address is in a designated remote area or call the delivery company to check.

A. DHL:https://raslist.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp

B. UPS: https://www.ups.com

C. TNT:https://www.tnt.com

D. Fedex: https://images.fedex.com

7. We ship out goods within 1-3 working days after receiving payment and will provide a tracking number within 24 hours.  This tracking information will also be available on “My order list” on our website.

8. Before signing the Express Bill, please check the package for damage.   If the package is damaged, please inform our customer service after weighing the goods and taking photos of the damage.  We will assist you in making a claim to the courier company.

9. We estimate that approximately 1% of international express deliveries encounter unforeseen circumstances not limited to loss, damage, or theft.  In instances such as these, please be assured that we will make every effort to work out a fair solution.

10. Rizheng reserves the right to make a final interpretation of any of the above statements.