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Membership Policy

1.  Registration and membership on our website is required. Decisions on new membership will be made within 24 hours. After your membership is approved, you will be able to browse our product offerings and pricing. You can place online orders using your member ID and can contact Rizheng with any other questions or comments.

2.  Membership also allows you to post your own work on our Member Works page and gives you the opportunity to connect with other members. Works posted by new members will be reviewed, and if approved, posted within 24 hours.

3. With membership you get an annual order discount as well as weekly promotional sales emailed to you.

4. Members also receive priority with regards to consultations, order processing, order fulfillment, and delivery.

5. We offer additional discounts, special offers, and gifts based on length of memberhsip.

6.  Referral of additional customers who register on our website and complete a purchase will merit an additional 0.2% discount to the member who provided the referral. This discount is additive, with 0.2% being offered per additional customer up to a maximum discount of 2%.

7. Membership will enable you to have the priority to get the exclusive agency in your country or area.

8.  Qualified members may be eligible to pay for orders after delivery is made, or to make monthly payments.

9.  Content which contains references to gambling, illicit substances, racist commentary, political agenda, or any pornographic material is strictly prohibited.  Members are expected to communicate respectfully with others. Any violation of these standards will subject the offending person to immediate cancellation of his membership.

Important Tips: The discount policy is constantly updated, if you would like to know the latest discount policy, please contact Rizheng directly.

10.  All membership decisions will be made at the sole discretion of Rizheng.