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Quality Assurance

It’s difficult to achieve 100% satisfaction from each customer, but Rizheng is always striving to manufacture the cost-effective products with high quality & reasonable price to bring profits and development to our customers.

1.All of those items on our website are coming and manufactured by environmentally friendly & quality materials;

2.All of those items on our website are under strict inspection system for quality controlling;

3.All of those items on our website meet any quality problem of the goods itself caused by unartificial factors, we will be responsible for resending the replacements;

4.All the goods would be double counted and inspected before the shipment then delivered to complete the quality & quantity;

5.Both normal items and promotion items on our website are qualified products, there would be special statements and special offers for the defective items or inventories clearing;

6.The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligations.

7.All of those items on our website would be delivered by safe packaging;

8.All of those items on our website mustn’t be sold to the exclusive country or area where we have the sole agent;

9.Custom and exclusive products mustn’t be sold to the restricted areas’ customers;

10.After received payment from the purchaser, we’ll deliver the goods on time to complete the quality & quantity according to the order requirements;

11.As a responsible company, any claim from our customer must be solved entirely and we’ll compensate for the loss;

12.Rizheng reserves the final interpretation right for above clauses.