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Ⅰ、RIZHENG Core Values: Quality, Price, Service, Efficiency

1、Quality: Quality is our survival and development foundation stone. It is determined by every Rizheng&Hizheng staff. Quality is our life, as long as put it into the first standard in working, act it as life strictly, carefully, excellently, keep superior quality efficiently. Thus, we will not lose advantage in the fierce challenge.

Quality Slogan:
"Only better quality, not the best" "Man determine quality, proud of pursuing quality, shamed of damage quality" "Quality is our life, not allowed to trample" "Quality determines your evaluation, determines your future" "Quality is the only one standard to test if customer will start continuous cooperation"

2、Price: Includes all cost, like purchasing cost, manufacture cost, management cost, daily life cost. RIZHENG/HIZHENG staffs only control the above cost, so can offer the best competitive prices to the customer. And we can get orders from customer, which so can keep company continuous running and developing.

Price Slogan:
"No Price No Competition, No Competition No Development" "Price determines Order, Cost determines profits"
"Proud of savings, shamed of wastings"
"Saving and opening new sources starts from small things" "Good prices come from series of negotiations"

3、Service: 21st century is indeed beginning of service century. Everyone wants to live more dignity. Comparing both our two acting roles, we should let customers enjoy better service, cooperate with us more delightfully, purchase order more contentedly. Best service is the life of enterprise, the key of making profits, the huge capital of competition.

Service Slogan:
"More new customer comes after old customers; beginning of service is indeed beginning of sales" "Service is one for all, all for one, all are happy" "Solving problems firstly, analyzing problems secondly, lastly tracing responsibility" "Customer is God, is our live resources"

4、Efficiency: RIZHENG/HIZHENG staffs should keep the best working passion, choose correct working direction, and choose the best working ways, finish superior task in the shortest time.Also, we should learn to combine working and leisures, keep physical and psychological healthy, keep high-inspired struggling constantly.

Efficiency Slogan:
"No efficiency, No competition" "Efficiency means time, Time means money" "Efficiency, High Quality, High deserve" "Earlier working is better sooner than later, smart working is better sooner than foolhardy" "Do not pull off till tomorrow what should be done today, do what you say, till effectiveness"

Ⅱ、RIZHENG achieving goal: Customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, society satisfaction.

Ⅲ、RIZHENG recruiting goal: Sainted and talented, unconventional use; sainted but not talented, use after training; neither sainted nor talented, resolutely no use. Company treat well to staff those who is loyal, devoted, perseverant, but do not appreciate those passer-by who is shortsighted and eager for quick benefits.

Ⅳ、RIZHENG Development Prospect: Let every manager those who works in more than 10years can afford house.Let every staff those who works in more than 15 years can afford house.

Ⅴ、RIZHENG Short-term Plan: Make Happy, Harmonious, Relaxing working environment, joyful life.

Ⅵ、RIZHENG Behavior Conducts: Fulfill duties, Respect superior, Unity colleagues, Dare to do, Take over all wholes, Loyal to collective, Work efficiently, Behave low-key, To be solidly, To be modest, Learn mutually of each advantage , hard-working, know happiness comes after toughness, and live with thankfulness.

Ⅶ、RIZHENG Personhood Principle: Mutual respect, harmonious getting on, progress together, tolerance to each other, self-critical.

Ⅷ、RIZHENG Development basis: Minor matters work by individual, overall matters work by team, strong team is, strong company is.

Ⅸ、RIZHZENG Management Principle: Guiding staff, managing staff, Training staff, Placating staff.

Ⅹ、Excellent trade salesman standard: Say goodbye to days getting orders like lottery-winning; Say goodbye to days which sacrifice profits.

Ⅺ、RIZHENG Acting Motto: Only working hard, till get task done; only working carefully, so you can complete task well.