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20240328 Rizheng Members' Day

Dear customers,

Have a nice day!

Welcome to visit our website www.PenkitsMall.com! We also welcome you to put our website on yoru Android or iPhone home screen for quick access, more details please help to check(How to add our website www.PenkitsMall.com to the Home Screen?). Many new arrivals are for your choice. Please help to check the following picture to know more, if you could not open it correctly, please click this link https://www.PenkitsMall.com/data/20240328174840_22.jpg to view. 

PS: We welcome you to be our Plus member to get the free extra discount before Mar 31st, 2024! There are only last three daysIf you recharge $200 and become the PLUS member, the discount for orders within one year will be increased by 2%, and the $100 credit can be deducted from any order within six months.  There is only small quantity for the Plus Members this time. If necessary, you can directly purchase this service product RZ-PLUS-2024 on our official website homepage asap, this promotion will be over Mar 31st, 2024. Any question, please feel free to inform us.

If you don't want to receive our weekly promotion email, pls email us at sales@penkitsmall.com, thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Xiamen Rizheng Service Center




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