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20180712 Weekly Promotion

You are invited to visit our website www.Penkitsmall.com. Many old and new products are on sale again. These promotion products(RZ-KR24#-CHR Chrome detachable key chain kits, RZ-RP50#-CHR Chrome large jr gentleman rollerball pen kits, RZ-PCL66#-G Gold Deco pencil kit, RZ-PB6 Plastic pen box, RZ-AH08-L 13 holes acrylic pen display) are 10% off the regular price. Please visit our website to see the pictures and place your order.

PS: Welcome to upload your works on our website, thus you can get the amount USD$5.00 as credit for each approved works, which can be used before the end of next month. The picture ratio size is 550px wide and 380px high, within 200kb, JPG, GIF, PNG. Please try to include as much detail as possible on the work experience and work description.

Post by:2018-07-12 03:28:37am