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Welcome to be our member!

Welcome you to be our member; you will get the same discount as the old website

You will get a 0.2% “introduction discount” per member if you introduce newcomers to register and become our member and order from us successfully, and the maximum is 2%.

For more information,please read the follow membership policy:

1.After registration and become into a member of our website, then it will be available for you to look into all the product and price information, create your orders directly online under your member ID, and have an interaction on-line with Rizheng.

2.After being our member you will be able to post your own works on “Member Works”, and make a deep communication with the other members.

3. With the membership you will benefit from our annual order discount, and receive our weekly promotion information timely to get the same products but with much lower price than usual.

4.Membership will get priority in consulting, order processing, order requirement, and order delivery.

5.The longer cooperation and more orders with us, the more discount and special offers or gifts you can get.

6.If you introduce newcomers to register and become our member and order from us successfully , you will get a 0.2% “introduction discount” per member and the maximum is 2%.

7.Membership will enable you to have the priority to get the exclusive agency in your country or area.

8.The good qualified members will have the benefit of payment after delivery or even a monthly payment.

9. Any member can neither post any topic or content concerning Pornography, Gambling, Drugs or Politics,  nor slander the other members or Rizheng, otherwise we have right to cancel the relevant contents and his membership.

10.Rizheng reserves the final interpretation right of this member policy.

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